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Confirmation October 2016

Confirmation Oct 2016 - Bishop Andrew welcoming the congregation

On Sunday 2 October the Bishop of Reading came to St Peter’s with Bishop Pushpa, the Bishop of Nandyal, a partner diocese in South India.  Bishop Andrew first met the members of the Sunday School and their parents over tea and toast in the church hall  He then led our 10am service at which he  conducted a baptism and nine confirmations. 

Confirmation Oct 2016 - Bishop Pushpa reading the gospel

                Bishop Pushpa read the Gospel


Confirmation Oct 2016 - Bishop Andrew giving a cross

Bishop Andrew gave each of those to be confirmed a small hand-carved, olive wood cross from the Holy Land.

In his address he reminded us of the ever-supportive presence of the risen Jesus symbolised by Confirmation Oct 2016 - Bishop Andrew's addressthe empty cross.  Holding on to the cross literally in the case of his gifts to the confirmees and metaphorically in our daily lives gave usConfirmation Oct 2016 - Bishop Andrew's address strength to live as Jesus taught us in the certain knowledge that even when the going got tough He was there to help us.

                                 Confirmation Oct 2016 - Bishop Andrew's address



Confirmation Oct 2016 - Bishop Andrew & Bishop Pushpa leading the procession to the font


Confirmation Oct 2016 - the water of baptism

Confirmation Oct 2016 welcoming those who had been confirmed

Confirmation Oct 2016 - Bishop Andrew offering the peace

Confirmation Oct 2016
The Sunday School joined us part way through the service in time for the confirmation.  And to the Bishops’ clear delight they were wearing mitres they had made.  Bishop Andrew then invited the “little bishops” to join him around the altar during the Eucharistic Prayer.

Confirmation Oct 2016

Confirmation cake Oct 2016

Bishop Pushpa gave the blessing in her native language before we all headed, excited and full of joy, to the church hall for coffee and cake.  We felt, as Bishop Andrew had said, like a truly  inter-generational church.

Confirmation Oct 2016
  • Confirmation October 2016